who needs a thneed

Jul 26

whispermaphone said: I'm your density. I mean-er, your destination.. No, wait. Oh, forget it.

-mumbles- Gosh, you’re cute…

Jul 24

whispermaphone said: You know, I don't actually remember what the first thing is. I'm pretty sure you said it though, so I wouldn't worry about it. -pats head- ouo

Uh-huh…well, I believe you ‘cause I do say the darnest sweet things! No one else can replace me!
Er, right..?

Jul 22

whispermaphone said: That's the second-nicest thing anyone's ever said about me. (✿◠‿◠) Thank you.

Could I ask what’s the first, or is that…private…?

whispermaphone said: Do you really like me as much as you like money?

H-Heck yeah….

Jul 17

booty had me like

Jul 01

whispermaphone said: If I weren't so flustered right now I'd say that that's very sweet of you to say. But since I AM flustered, I'll just ask if this island of yours has a name, and possibly what that name is..?

Thneedy Island!

(I know my piratey self should be done…but this is fun..)

Jun 15

whispermaphone said: Well, that depends on the company, but it's you and me, so there's no worries where we're going. Uh, where ARE we going, anyway?

'f it's yer c'mpany, then it's all good. Anyway, we be goin' to a little town on an island just a wee bit far off. Shouldn't be hardt'all.

Jun 14

whispermaphone said: You're going on a treasure hunt? Ooh! Ooh! Can I come? I always wanted to go on a piratey adventure.

If ye want ta, yer more then welcome ta. It’s always good ta ‘ave c’mpany.

Jun 13

Anonymous said: M!A you are a fearsome pirate captain for the next 2 weeks! yarrr!

Me? A pirate? Hmm…
Aye, then time te start searchin’ fer me lost treasure.

Jun 04