smell the gay

Apr 04

whispermaphone asked: Dontask! Oh no... No! -kneels beside him, eyes starting to water- I'm sorry...I'm so sorry. -she leans on his shoulder, sobbing- I'm such a fool. I should never have left your side.. This is all my fault...

It felt as if he was in the middle of a winter storm. Everything was freezing; a simple breeze to his face pained him. His limbs became difficult to move with each passing second. In fact, he could hardly move at all.

On the inside was a different story. Dontask could feel himself freeze all together. He knew it was just before time..


As he lied on the cool grass, his eyes slowly wandered to the pale moon, Emmy’s face flashed into his mind. Starting from his feet, iciness enveloped every part of him. Oh how beautiful she is. His longs legs became frozen solid. Her eyes were filled with pure happiness. He could feel nothing while the rest of his body turned into ice. What I would give to see that perfect smile again. The end was near. What I would give to take back everything and live happily with the girl I love. With his last breath, Dontask smiled and whispered her name.


whispermaphone asked: nobody is using anyone for decor ok that is not happening >8(

Mar 24

Anonymous asked: if you turn into a detailed ice sculpture can i have all your stuff and your girlfriend and put you on my front lawn for decor?


Mar 21

whispermaphone asked: Dontask! Oh, this isn't good. -drapes several thick blankets over him, then kneels beside him, taking his ice-cold hand in her hot little ones- You're so cold... I'll fix this. I promise.


-looks up at her as the coldness spreads throughout his body; her warm hands felt nice around his, but it made no difference-

It’s…s-so fast… Oh!

-his hands then went completely numb so he took them back, and to his horror, frost had enveloped his hands, making them as white as his hair-


Mar 19

whispermaphone asked: 'Curse' was probably the wrong word to use. Sorry, babe.. But that neat little streak in your hair can't be a good sign. You're freezing to death, aren't you?

Uh, I g-guess you co—

-he starts to feel his hands going slightly numb, while the rest of his body begin to shiver violently-

Th-There it is..

-he collapses then curls up into a ball and holds himself tightly-

Anonymous asked: do you ever think about settling down and getting married and having a family and a job like a manly man


I-I am a manly m-man! Th-Those are just…not imp-p-portant to me..a-at the m-m-m-m-m-moment…

Mar 12

whispermaphone asked: I wonder if kissing you would be enough to break the curse. Or maybe I could fluster you with terrible pick up lines.

C-Cu-rse..? Wh-Wh-What c-c-c-curse?

-stuffs all of his hair under his hat, hiding away all of the white tufts-

Y-You’re acting…s-silly…

Mar 06

whispermaphone asked: Well, do you need anything? A blanket? Hot cocoa? Anything?


-notices a thick strand of his dark hair has turned white-

Oh! Uh…well, I c-could use, um….heat.

whispermaphone asked: Ookay then... Are you alright? You look cold.

Me? Oh, I’m o-okay. It’s just…ch-chilly in here, y’know! I’m fine!